Curse upon Misogyny

I held onto this post for a long time while working towards peace, gratitude, compassion, and equanimity. It was originally posted in 2012, but I shuttered the blog when my ex presented it in court as evidence that I was an unfit mother. Wild Womanista was shuttered for four years, and it’s been a slow restart since last October.

Now that I’m back in the swing of composition, and in light of daily revelations of crimes against humanity, here is a revision. With all the work I’ve done on myself in the interim, this acutely tempered rage deserves its day. I hope that readers resonate with this update, but you might want to hold onto your shorts, especially if you’re a guy.

A Curse upon Misogyny

Sweat flying / I am rampant retribution / amidst headlines, hashtags / screaming discordant, gunshots richochet / bodies falling broken / rivers of blood coursing / Shattered souls wander possessed / demons imaginary chase Him / terrified, to annihilate / creation, innocence, love

Glacial freeze in my veins / I don armor older than time / embracing livid frenzy / against Man driven, testicles shriveled / by fear of Mother / misogyny’s nightmare recollection of / worlds ruled by women / wielding power, wisdom, integrity / creation-destruction infinite / where not His life / but rather Manhood is forfeit / for uninvited touch / descecrating gaze / dissolute intent

Listen, Boy-child in Man-clothes / Armageddon ain’t got nuthin’ / on this ancient game / When you declared war / on me, my children / I woke up / You seek to conquer / with lies and cruelty / but instead unleashed primordial power / Beware the circle of sisters / drawn up in self-defense / they are the offspring of / Kali, Coatlicue / Yemaye, Sekhmet / ancient Goddesses ruthless / in their cosmic cycles

Never again will you cross / the boundaries of Womansoul / already She is coming / to reap the harvest / you have sown / Rules have changed / no more warnings / Battle Queens / sharpen weapons, precisely / to sever your psychic sword / string your jewels like popcorn / to wear as trophy necklace

Do not doubt, Misogynistic Man / this curse you brought / down upon yourself / eternities of implacable impotence / So shall it be done / night and day / heaven and earth / with blessing from She / who birthed you / into being

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