Healing #MeToo

Yesterday I posted this meme on social media: "We talk about how many women were raped last year, not how many men raped women...use of the passive voice has a political effect...the term 'violence against women' [has] no active agent in the sentence...Men aren't even part of it!" One friend's response to this meme ("Wow. … Continue reading Healing #MeToo

How to Thank a Republican

It never would have occurred to me to express gratitude for Republicans in Congress. I'm so accustomed to operating from oppositional consciousness that I find it challenging to create necessary alliances. But isolating with only my principles for company doesn't accomplish much in the fight for a better world. That's why the call from Ana Castillo, … Continue reading How to Thank a Republican

After Inauguration

It's been a week since the world officially turned upsidedown. We knew it would happen. We've had since November to gird for battle. Many of us knew it was coming before the election results rolled in. Still, there was no way to do anything but hang on to lunch during the rollercoaster onslaught of El Jefe's first week in office. … Continue reading After Inauguration

Reigning Purple

Seeing Purple Rain on the big screen days after Prince's death and 32 years after I'd watched it as a precocious, titillated teenager, brought me to shivering tears. The final scene felt like witnessing a shooting star explode into eternity. I was undone with emotion, awed by his prodigious artistry, vulnerable arrogance, and epic catapult … Continue reading Reigning Purple

Loving in Violent Times

We are drowning in death. Mexico executes its own teachers in Oaxaca. A homophobe opens fire in an Orlando nightclub; a racist does the same in a Charleston church. Another indigenous environmental activist is gunned down in Honduras less than four months after the murders of two other prominent organizers. Bombings and shootings in Istanbul, Dhaka, Baghdad, and an attack … Continue reading Loving in Violent Times

The fullness of time

This poem is recovered from the archive, a dusty hiding place for words without a home.  Today I'm honoring the teenager who wrote this contemplative piece.  Enjoy! All in the fullness of time / she tells herself / as the tick-tock-ticking / rattles through the room / Waiting for a sign / she listens for hope’s footsteps … Continue reading The fullness of time

I got faith: Please don’t save me

Dear friend, Even though I sound upset in my last post, be reassured: I am not always in pain. I simply am willing to acknowledge that sometimes life is very hard. My other writings to this date have been celebratory.  I am committed to facing both light and shadow when I write because that is … Continue reading I got faith: Please don’t save me

Raging against the machine aka the personal is political

Wild Womanista writes off the cuff about the quest to maintain hope while raging against the machine: Today I woke up pissed off and feeling like hell.  After opening Pandora's box of nasty family secrets and hauling out the skeletons over the holidays, I somehow assumed that I'd be feeling better in the new year, like releasing … Continue reading Raging against the machine aka the personal is political

About Wild Womanista

Welcome to Wild Womanista Manifesto, a declaration of independence, sojourn of the soul, and work of love dedicated to all of us who are learning to live. Wild Womanista is a self-liberating revolutionary healer, a guerrilla word warrior dedicated to setting souls on fire.  A scholar of life, professor of love, and pilgrim on the road … Continue reading About Wild Womanista