Solnit #4: Women’s Stories

More brilliant from Rebecca Solnit, this time about the necessity of women's testimonial storytelling as a tool for breaking patriarchy. Originally published on LitHub.

Solnit #3: Change ain’t pretty

I always wish that I had written these essays. The best I can do is share them. Originally published 9/3/19 on Lit Hub.

Writing Wisdom #11: Why Do You Write?

Wild Womanista's weekly Writing Wisdom series features writing tips, publication and contest leads, fellowship and residency opportunities, author networking, and other authorial obsessions. Issue #11 is for people needing creative motivation to meet their authorial goals. Kate Colby offers intelligent insight on how to stay focused for writing success. Originally published online by A … Continue reading Writing Wisdom #11: Why Do You Write?

Sex and Insanity

July marked the first anniversary of prolific publication for me, with 10 different essays and poems printed in literary magazines and anthologies. While focused on getting my heartfelt words out into the world, I unwittingly produced a suite of essays around the intertwined themes of sexual violence and mental health. Here's an overview. The poem … Continue reading Sex and Insanity

“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Diversity Certificates!”

To the Ivy League Institution Selling Online Diversity Credentials: Let's establish clear boundaries. Please get your advertisements out of my feed. However, since you saw fit to clutter my life with your marketing campaign, I have a few things to say about it. For decades, people of color have been doing or attempting to do … Continue reading “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Diversity Certificates!”

To white sister-friends & with pure love to WOC in the trenches

This may be a tough message for some of you to receive, but please read to the end. On behalf of too many folks in rage, tears, or paralyzed numbness, I am asking white women to reflect on how many frontline people of color you are actively supporting in our current and historical reality of … Continue reading To white sister-friends & with pure love to WOC in the trenches