To white sister-friends & with pure love to WOC in the trenches

This may be a tough message for some of you to receive, but please read to the end. On behalf of too many folks in rage, tears, or paralyzed numbness, I am asking white women to reflect on how many frontline people of color you are actively supporting in our current and historical reality of … Continue reading To white sister-friends & with pure love to WOC in the trenches

The Silence Machine

As follow up on my last post, today I'm sharing the latest brilliance from Rebecca Solnit: In Patriarchy, No One Can Hear You Scream. Epstein, Trump, Weinstein, R. Kelly and other power players not only get away with decades of child rape, they run industries and institutions that shape the world in which we live. … Continue reading The Silence Machine

Truth in Trauma

I'm not on social media much anymore because I'm too damn busy but it's time for an important public service announcement: If you are ignoring news about the latest child molestation, statutory rape and sexual harassment cases, if you are neglecting to reach out to known sexual trauma survivors (nearly all of whom are triggered … Continue reading Truth in Trauma

# WritingWisdom #9: ‘Practical Steps to Improve Your Craft’

Thanks to Rebecca Monterusso for this list of concrete craft strategies. Originally published on Story Grid.

#WritingWisdom #8: ‘Writing Retreats & Activist Writers’

Memorial Day passed and college students are on summer break, so it's time to discover new vacation reads and polish your prose until it shines in the sun. Trish Veltman reflects on how to breathe new life into old writing by supporting settings routine retreats as creative incubators, opportunities to jump start stalled projects by … Continue reading #WritingWisdom #8: ‘Writing Retreats & Activist Writers’

#WritingWisdom #7: ‘The Essay as a Tightrope Between The Self and The World’

Thanks to Johanna Michelle Lim for this elegant meditation on the form, process and philosophy of the personal essay. Originally published March 5, 2019 on Lim's blog What Distance Tells Us: Places and Spaces.

#WritingWisdom #6: Battling Writer’s Block

Today, I'm experiencing profound get-the-words-out gratitude for blogger Madeline Bartson. Try her block-busting tricks to get your literary mojo flowing. First published as '25 Hacks for Instsntly Finding the Motivation to Write, Even When You Don't Feel Like It' on the Caffeine & Writing Dreams blog.