Sex and Insanity

July marked the first anniversary of prolific publication for me, with 10 different essays and poems printed in literary magazines and anthologies. While focused on getting my heartfelt words out into the world, I unwittingly produced a suite of essays around the intertwined themes of sexual violence and mental health. Here’s an overview.

The poem ‘Nightmare’ and the creative nonfiction essays ‘Toccata and Feud’ and ‘Bleeding HeArt’ dive into the mental and physical landscapes of posttraumatic traumatic stress. ‘Creative License’ addresses the impact of social stigma on queer artists and the lyric essay ‘PTSD Love Story’ explores the impact of emotional wounding on intimate relationships.

Essays ‘Suicidal Tendencies‘ and ‘Got Meds?’ address survivor challenges and insights, with ‘Got Meds?’, and the blog post ‘Truth in Trauma’ calling in readers as mental health and #MeToo allies. The poem ‘Crazyloca’ normalizes and celebrates mental health conditions and the lyric essay ‘Resilience, A #MeToo Love Letter’ addresses fellow survivors in praise of our strength and beauty.

My hope is that these words can help others find understanding, solace and the spirit of community. Take care of you. 

#VulnerabilityIsStrength #HealingIsResistance #LGBTQ #MentalHealthMatters #WritingCommunity #Binders

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