Rituals Against Patriarchy: Moon-Powered Witchery to Overthrow Misogynistic Rule

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The Senate voted. We have a month before the march to the polls. How can we keep up the momentum of political resistance without burning out or setting the world on fire? Inspired by wise women and witches around the world, here is a list of rapid rituals to empower your countdown to election day and all the months to follow.

  1. On 10/9, the day of the October new Moon, register to vote. If you think you’re registered, confirm that you haven’t been dropped from the rolls. Go to https://register.rockthevote.com/ to register.
  2. On or before 10/9, release rage and self-purify. Drink a gallon of water. When it’s time to go, imagine peeing on patriarchy. If UTI symptoms crop up, drink unsweetened cranberry juice, but keep peeing. Simple detox done.
  3. On or before 10/9, purify your space. Clean house as best you can. Sweep last. Move from east to south to west to north. Push old energy out an open door or window. Mop with rosemary tea. Smudge to seal goodness in your home.Reclaim your power. Bathe. Apply essential oils. Dress up. Look smashing when you go to the grocery store. Don’t forget shoes to stomp on patriarchy.
  4. On 10/9 or 10/10, after you cleanse, empower, and check your voter registration, set intention in the darkness of the new moon. Trust that your intention will manifest as the moon waxes.
  5. On 10/10, build an altar to the sacred feminine. Include items that inspire you and make you feel loved, protected, and connected.
  6. On 10/11, create a vision board of a world without patriarchy. Look at it everyday. Know in your bones that this reality is coming.
  7. On 10/12, stop serving men. Let them serve you. Flip the paradigm.
  8. On 10/13, Radically self-care. Eat healthy meals. Nap. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Meditate. Go to bed early. Get up and repeat.
  9. On 10/14, call friends. Ask how they’re doing. Listen. If no one answers, leave a voicemail love note.
  10. On 10/15, offer support when you can. Ask for help when you need it.
  11. On 10/16, list your gratitudes for the half moon. Read them out loud. Feel the warm fuzzies.
  12. On 10/17, practice generosity by spotting a survivor for dinner, groceries, or a movie date.
  13. On 10/18, don’t let patriarchy steal your joy. Enjoy everything you love with total gusto. Living well is the best revenge.
  14. On 10/19, say no. Say it loudly.
  15. On 10/20, meet up with like-hearted people. Share laughter, tears, anger, hugs, and wisdom. At minimum, repeat weekly.
  16. On 10/21, defend reproductive justice. Stock up on Plan B. Even if you’re a celibate lesbian, go get some and store it for your sisters, neighbors, coworkers, and future teens. Then go have an orgasm.
  17. On 10/22, ask for a raise. If you’re a woman, you definitely deserve one.
  18. On 10/23, do a quick space cleanse. Open all the windows and let the wind blow through every room. If there’s no windows, use a fan. Kick stale energy out the door.
  19. On 10/24, howl at the full moon. If possible, do this with a group of wild women. Vibrate the night sky with your voices.
  20. On 10/25, donate to or get support from non-profits serving survivors of patriarchal violence. This means sexual assault and harassment, domestic abuse, police violence, incarceration, warfare, ecological destruction, etc. Pick a cause and help it undermine the grip of toxic patriarchy.
  21. On 10/26, donate to or get support from groups servicing women of color. WOC have been at the frontlines for centuries. Most WOC are tired and a bit cynical by now, but are still in it to win it.
  22. On 10/27, donate to a progressive woman’s political campaign.
  23. On 10/28, volunteer to help with her campaign.
  24. On 10/29, create beauty in your life. Add color, plants, flowers, fabrics, pillows, music, pictures. Build an environment that makes your heart sing.
  25. On 10/30, dream outrageously. Paint or draw or sculpt or journal or cook or dance your passions into a delightful messy adventure designed only to please yourself.
  26. On 10/31, dress up like a witch for Halloween and cackle in glee at the upcoming election.
  27. On 11/1, celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Feel your ancestors. Hear them whisper in your ear. Know that you, in this moment, are the culmination of their wildest dreams.
  28. On 11/2, practice generosity again by micro-investing in women’s business development.
  29. On 11/3, enjoy harvest season. Karma is here. Sit back and watch it bite patriarchy in the ass.
  30. On 11/4, repeat personal cleansing ritual listed in #2.
  31. On 11/5, repeat space cleansing ritual listed in #5 or #18.
  32. On 11/6, it’s the night before November’s new moon. Prepare your altar to set new intention as listed in #6. Light a candle for positive outcomes. Then GO VOTE.
  33. On 11/7, it’s new moon again. Dance naked in the dark and relish the power of Rituals Against Patriarchy.

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