Rituals Against Patriarchy: Moon-Powered Witchery to Overthrow Misogynistic Rule

The Senate voted. We have a month before the march to the polls. How can we keep up the momentum of political resistance without burning out or setting the world on fire? Inspired by wise women and witches around the world, here is a list of rapid rituals to empower your countdown to election day … Continue reading Rituals Against Patriarchy: Moon-Powered Witchery to Overthrow Misogynistic Rule

Thanks-taking or Authentic Gratitude?

Some of you may have the practice of sharing gratitudes as you sit down to turkey dinner on Thursday. If you did that today, did you take time to reflect on how you came to acquire those things for which you are grateful? Are you in a home? It's on stolen land. Is there cotton … Continue reading Thanks-taking or Authentic Gratitude?

Curse upon Misogyny

I held onto this post for a long time while working towards peace, gratitude, compassion, and equanimity. It was originally posted in 2012, but I shuttered the blog when my ex presented it in court as evidence that I was an unfit mother. Wild Womanista was shuttered for four years, and it's been a slow … Continue reading Curse upon Misogyny

Family Cowardice

          To the unknown Gama relation who saw fit to shit-talk me and my brother at a family gathering a couple of years ago: KISS MY GODDESS-GIVEN ASS. May Mom never properly remember the name that marks your inconsequential existence because I would engrave your hypocritical cowardice in every public forum … Continue reading Family Cowardice

Healing #MeToo

Yesterday I posted this meme on social media: "We talk about how many women were raped last year, not how many men raped women...use of the passive voice has a political effect...the term 'violence against women' [has] no active agent in the sentence...Men aren't even part of it!" One friend's response to this meme ("Wow. … Continue reading Healing #MeToo

How to Thank a Republican

It never would have occurred to me to express gratitude for Republicans in Congress. I'm so accustomed to operating from oppositional consciousness that I find it challenging to create necessary alliances. But isolating with only my principles for company doesn't accomplish much in the fight for a better world. That's why the call from Ana Castillo, … Continue reading How to Thank a Republican

After Inauguration

It's been a week since the world officially turned upsidedown. We knew it would happen. We've had since November to gird for battle. Many of us knew it was coming before the election results rolled in. Still, there was no way to do anything but hang on to lunch during the rollercoaster onslaught of El Jefe's first week in office. … Continue reading After Inauguration